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Somehow, someway, you’ve found out about the G128 Mastermind Group, maybe you even have a Private Invitation.

Private Mastermind of Leading Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders.

G128 is a community of entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s and business owners, where each member learns from valuable research and insights delivered in straightforward exchanges with peers from around the world.

Membership is by invitation only.

G128 provides a unique and private forum. Unlike large international gatherings or conferences sponsored by media, G128 is a place where a relatively small group of like-minded leaders can take advantage of the collective experience in the room to gain insights about leadership, management, boards, operations and global business.

G128 hosts four meetings per year for its members. All meetings are strictly off-the-record and closed to the press and public, allowing for an atmosphere of candid, spirited and informed discussion.  Meetings are held in Australia and in Singapore.

G128 is facilitated by Murray Priestley, Adam Gibson & Stephen Petith.

Who are we looking for?

First of all, a service provider or business whose products/services really work for clients.  You must be profitable.  You must have had over five years of business experience.  You need to want to make changes to your business that will grow it.  Our groups have members who are making massive changes and getting massive results.  We do not sit around talking about success – we are implementers.

Below is a 2 step application where we ask you some diagnostic questions about your business. We’re not trying to be nosy, just really trying to weed out the people who this wouldn’t be a fit for. And save you the stress of being disappointed.

One of two things will happen.

One, after we talk by phone, we’ll decide we’re not a good match and we’ll let you know politely. Or two, we’ll decide we MIGHT be a good match and we’ll discuss how you can become part of our group.

Nobody will pressure you or hassle you. If you want in, great. If not, no problem. We’re good either way.  Even if you would like to talk with a current G128 member, we’d be happy to put you in touch.

Here’s the first step:

Register Your Interest in G128

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