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This is the second set of short-term strategies designed to help you build your business and profit from it in as fast as 30-90 days.

8. Repurpose and reuse your existing content.

This has almost the same concept as product bundling; except you will be using already publicized content. What you need to do is to gather all your white papers and articles and then rearrange or rewrite them into a special report that you will be giving out to your clients. The purpose of such a report will be for marketing or you can sell it outright as a new means of revenue.

9. Create articles.

Not only write articles, you also need to get them published everywhere.

10. Sell your knowledge.

For services, use your expertise to create an educational program. It doesn’t matter what kind of course it is – it can be an eCourse, a printed home course, or a live seminar or so on – it doesn’t matter. The idea remains the same.

11. Create and publish an eBook.

Promote your business and generate revenue with an eBook. How? With an eBook, you are boosting your reputation as an expert in your market.

12. Speak.

Speak in as many conventions or opportunities as possible. Whenever you go on stage and you own it, you are boosting your reputation as an authority and in turn, you are opening the possibility for additional business.

13. Being a referral program.

Have a routine and systematic referral program. This is best done when you have a method in place for rewarding people who do refer.

14. Set referral fees.

Make sure that those who refer and even if that means you, get paid for the good deed.

The last set of these strategies will be posted next week.