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This is the last set of our short-term strategies for guaranteed immediate cash flow.

15. Enter joint ventures.

There’s nothing wrong with trading especially if it’s with people or something you need (products and services), or customers to trade with. Just pool your resources and time and then create something win-win from them.

16. Establish strategic alliances.

Basically, a strategic alliance partner will be involved in only one area of your business. For example, he or she will only be the source of products or services. On the other hand, a joint venture partner will have a deeper relationship with you as you will be working with him/her more closely on several aspects of business.

17. Have and/or join affiliate programs.

These are brilliant strategies that allow other people to market and sell for you. It is currently THE best system for commissions and sales in the Internet.

18. Try the Rolodex routine.

The Rolodex routine is a process where you will go through your Rolodex and call everyone who looks like a promising prospect. You will then offer them someone that might be of interest like networking, a product or service, referrals or even for a quick how do you do. The idea is to introduce or reintroduce your brand.

19. Do a survey.

A survey is used to gather information about the market where you operate in. Use a survey to ask your clients questions. You will be surprised at their answers. There are two easy ways to create surveys – Google and SurveyMonkey.

20. Focus on your market.

Become a noted expert in your niche. This way, you get to increase the effects of your marketing efforts without having to focus on too much ground. In effect, you get to increase your business revenue without having to spend too much capital.

21. Shift to an adjacent market.

If your chosen market niche has been exhausted and you’re losing or maybe not making revenue, shift to an adjacent market niche. This will bring you all kinds of new business.

22. Expand.

How do you expand your client base? Your first step is to offer your products or services at a charity or silent auction. While this step might not bring you money immediately, it will definitely expand your portfolio and the number of people you can reach every time you market.

23. Be generous with time.

Offer some of your time to key influencers in order to educate them about your products or services.